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Teen Attends Prom in 'Desperate Housewives' Style

One of the show's characters, played by Eva Longoria, mowed the lawn wearing a sexy rose-colored gown. Saunders, a high school senior from Philadelphia, knew she had to have that dress for her upcoming prom.

So Saunders, an A student and cheerleader at St. Huber's Roman Catholic High School, wrote a letter to the show's producers.

She asked for photos of the dress at different angles, so she could try and re-create Longoria's look at a reasonable price. She also explained that she suffers from nerve damage and severe back pain, leaving her parents with expensive medical bills, so she planned to pay for the dress herself.

What happened next was a total shocker for Saunders. The show's producers not only sent her photos, but they did one better and sent the dress itself, with a lining added so the dress would pass the school's modesty standards. Lucky for Saunders, she and Longoria are about the same size.

The one-of-a-kind dress designed by Eduardo Lucero is estimated to cost about $80,000.

On Friday night, Saunders attended her prom and looked like a knock-out. On just a few hours of sleep, she appeared on "Good Morning America" Saturday to report that the dress -- which she was still wearing -- was a hit. [url=http://uscheapweddingdresses.webs.com]cheap wedding dresses[/url]
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